The American Courtesans Project (ACP) is a grassroots organization dedicated to “building bridges” between society and sex workers. Our goal is to educate and inform, in order to start an open and honest dialogue about sex work in American today.

ACP is an organization formed by an underground network of sex workers and supporters. We have come together to act in unison, in order to change the current stigma surrounding sex workers. It is our belief that this stigma contributes to violence, human trafficking, and many health issues that effect society as a whole. Changing the narrative is necessary for us to be humanized. To Change the narrative the outside world needs to see who we really are.

The project began in September of 2011, two people alone in a NYC hotel room. It was there they decided that Sex Workers needed a voice. Since then, Sex Workers, medical professionals, educators and supporters have stepped up from around the globe, collaborating in an effort to increase education and awareness.

In 2012, a film crew travelled the US, touring NYC, NJ, DC, VA, LA, NV, and CA, interviewing sex workers about who they are and what their lives were like. The end result being the feature document American Courtesans. American Courtesans documents the real lives of 11 American Sex workers in a non-salacious, educational manner, allowing the viewer a deeper and more realistic look into the much shrouded world of the sex worker.

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